Board Room Image : Papyrusport Resort

Board Rooms

Experience world class facilities that are tailor-made to organize a corporate event. With boardrooms that are soundproof as well as fully secured, Papyrus port is your ideal destination for a small private meeting or a boardroom style conference.

Our boardrooms create the perfect atmosphere for your corporate meetings; warm, upscale and elegant. This atmosphere is conducive to brainstorming and getting the job done. With an amazing backdrop and an awe inspiring view of the landscape, our boardrooms are where fortunes are redeemed, decisions are made and future is planned.

Our dedicated team will assist you every step with your corporate event and cater to your delegate’s needs and comforts. Unmistakably business class, the boardrooms here breathes a sense of purpose and elegance. State of the art technology, good acoustics, and effective cooling, are the norm.

We make sure that you make a brand statement by holding your business events at our well equipped boardroom. Turn those opportunities into accomplishments at our boardrooms.